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About Us

Your Local Bike Shop

We are a locally owned and operated bike shop with a mission of getting butts on bikes. It’s our thought that bikes make the world, and our community, a better place. And who doesn’t want that?

We are full service bike shop capable of assisting you and your two or three wheeled machine in all kinds of ways. Need help picking out a new bike? Have a bike that you love, but it's just not loving you back? Need someone to talk to that loves bikes just as much as you do? Thats what we’re here for and want to help out with. Your one stop shop for all of your biking needs! And maybe some really, really good high fives?

Whether you want to stop by the shop for a quick fix, browse around, or join us for a group ride, we hope to see you out on a bike soon.

Quality & Value

We sell products from the best bicycle brands in the world. No joke, we care about what we stock and what that product offers to our customers. We provide great value through our experience, knowledge, selection, and earth shattering customer service.

Friendly Staff

We love our guys and gals here at CRC. We work with each other every day, so we like to we hire the best. We’ve all had that co-worker no one liked… we don’t hire those people. Our crew is here for you and to make your next ride even better. Seriously, we really like making people happy.

Repairs Done Right

There are mechanics, and then there are technicians. We’ve had both, now we only keep wizards around to turn wrenches on our bikes. Pride is what we’ve built our name on, and it is our promise to every bike that goes through our doors. Our wrench turners are ridiculously dedicated to making your bike ride just the way you like. 

Browse Our Bike Selection

Find your dream bike today and visit us for a test ride. We'll ensure that you're on the right bike to meet your needs and the right frame size for a comfortable, safe cycling experience.

$4,125.99 - $5,499.00
$5,499.00 - $5,529.99
$3,599.99 - $4,829.99
$4,799.99 - $4,829.99
$3,599.99 - $4,829.99
$630.00 - $630.99
$3,599.99 - $4,529.99
$255.00 - $300.00